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Health and safety measures during COVID 19:
We are providing outdoor service area for nail services (only) to ensure the health and safety of our team, as well as our customers.
Social distancing is highly enforced ,therefore we split our stations by half.
Half would still be indoor and the other half would be outdoor.
Front door stays open at all times for air circulation. Several air purifier are installed for indoor service area.
Masks required upon entry. Temperature checked .Hands sanitizer used prior to service.
Screen protectors installed and liners are used for pedicures. Staffs wear masks and gloves. Sanitation protocol on surfaces between clients.

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Massage therapy helps you relax, re-align, and rejuvenate. Our enhancement options, including: Refexology, Stone Healing, and many more...

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Our wax treatment technicians take the utmost care to protect the health and elasticity of the skin.

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Our goal is to provide the healthiest and longest lasting with best products. Our certified technicians will bring you the best experience.

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A facial is one of the best ways to take care of your skin, especially when it's given by an experienced, knowledgeable esthetician.

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Swedish Massage

$45/30 minutes | $90/60 minutes | $120/90 minutes

Swedish massage technique is to relax the entire body, relieving muscle tension as well as energizing.

Deep Tissue

$50+/30 minutes | $100+/60 minutes | $130/90 minutes

Applying firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia. Normally used for pain and aches,stiff and sore or tight muscles.

Chair/Foot Massages

$15+/10 minutes | $30+/20 minutes | $45+/30 minutes


Eyebrows $15
Upper Lips $10
Upper and Lower Lips $15
Chin $10
Side Burns $15
Forehead $15
Nose $15
Ears $15
Whole Face $50

Underarms $20
Half Arms $30
Full Arms $50
Half Legs $35
Full Legs $70
Add Toes $10
Chest $50
Back $50
Add Shoulders $10
Add Upper Arms $10
American $35+
French $45+
Brazilian $55+


SNS with Manicure $55
SNS Put On Only (No Mani) $45
SNS Full Set with Tips (No Mani) $55
SNS Removal without service $15

Full Set Overlay $50
Full Set with tips $60
Fill In $40
Removal without service $15

Additional Nail Services:
Add on parrafin $15
Acrylic with Gel Polish add on $10
Gel removal without service $10
Gel removal add to mani/pedi $5
Nail cut & shape only $12
Polish change reg $12
Hands Gel Polish change $25
Feet Gel Polish change $30
French $5
Vynelux $5
Cat eye $5
SNS removal only $15
SNS removal add to regular mani $10
SNS add to gel mani $5
Manicure for Kids/Polish $15/$10
Pedicure for Kids/Polish $25/$10
Congratulation !!! Pedicure
Great way to reward yourself or others. The ultimate full spa pedicure experience with an extra foot massage.
  • Callus remover
  • House scrubs
  • Parrafin wax
    ** 10 mins extra foot massage
  • Foot Massage
  • Mud masque
  • Hot towel
  • Butter lotion
Happy Birthday !!! Pedicure
  • Callus remover
  • House scrubs
  • Foot Massage
  • Mud masque
  • Hot towel
  • Lotion
    ** Parrafin wax treatment
Happy birthday pedicure and Congratulation pedicure . Both come in individual packages with your choice of scent.

Signature Manicure $17
Add Shiny Buff $5
Signature Pedicure
  • Callus remover
  • Hot Towel
  • Foot Massage
  • Lotion
Signature Manicure / Pedicure $50
Scrubs Pedicure
  • Callus remover
  • House scrubs
  • Hot Towel
  • Foot Massage
  • Lotion
Scrubs Pedicure / Signature Manicure $55
Spa Manicure
Our signature manicure followed by a deep moisturizing parrafin wax treatment.
Spa Pedicure
  • Callus remover
  • House scrubs
  • Foot Massage
  • Hot towel
    ** Mud masque
  • Lotion
Spa Medicure / Pedicure $75
Deluxe Aromatherapy Manicure
Signature manicure with sugar/salt scrubs, mud masque and ended with a parrafin wax treatment.
Deluxe Aromatherapy Pedicure
Comes in individual package w/ your choice of scent.
  • Callus remover
  • Sea salt soak
  • Sugar scrubs
  • Foot Massage
  • Hot towel
    ** Mud masque
  • Butter lotion
Deluxe Manicure / Pedicure $95
Gel Manicure $35
Gel Pedicure $55
Signature pedicure using gel (instant dry), no chip nail polish application.
Gel Manicure / Gel Pedicure $90
Gel Manicure $35
Signature Pedicure $33
Gel Manicure / Signature Pedicure $68

Parrafin wax add on - $15
We carry OPI, CND / shellac ,DND brands, Tophany and BONTIME non toxic nail polish



$60 (30 minutes) | $100 (60 minutes)

Accommodate most skin type. Very relaxing way to improve & maintain your skin's overall appearance, healing and rejuvenating.

Deep Cleansing

$110 (60 minutes)

Suited for people with skin's more skins problems . Involving deep cleanse with exfoliation,steam,facial masks,serum and moisturizer.

Anti Aging

$60 (30 minutes) | $100 (60 minutes)

Anti aging facials use products and techniques designed to slow the aging process,brightened skin and reduce wrinkles.

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Our goal is to provide clients good services in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Debby Harper Salon & Spa is focused on providing the highest quality customer service.
Please peruse our wide variety of services and feel free to contact us with any question or to set up an appointment.
Our highly trained staff is committed to meeting your needs and as a result, most of our business is from repeat customers and client referrals.
We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the best service in the industry. We hope to see you soon.

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